Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Sean Campbell

Artist Intro

As an artist I work with the elements of colour, texture, line and form. I sculpt, digitize, animate and play. Presenting work left open to interpretation and interaction. Inspired through years of travel and an empirical interest in anthropology I use the creative process inherent within art to navigate what I believe to be an increasingly complex world. I encourage you to spend time with the work, to become a co-creator and to continue the journey I have begun.

The DAS residency project will be used to improve skills in programming and computer vision. Using Processing as a first language and introductory path to p5.js and OpenFrameworks I will create a series of interactive digital sketches. The technical skills gained will assist me on my journey to build a new body of interactive artwork with volumetric video capture in a VR/AR environment.

Sean Campbell received an M.A. from the University of Ulster and BA Hons from University of Liverpool. His work is held in Collins Barracks National Museum of Ireland, Office Public Works, Dublin Sheriff’s Office (Ireland). Shanghai Science Library, Gangtai Art Museum of Shanghai, Irish Embassy Beijing, Irish Consulate Shanghai (China). Northlands Creative Glass Permanent Collection, (Scotland) and private collections worldwide. Recent solo exhibitions include Memories of a Place I’ve Never Seen, Belfast Waterfront Hall (N.Ireland) and The Sentinel Project, Christ Church Cathedral, (Dublin). Selected exhibitions include Art Shanghai 2013 (China) New Glass Art, Shanghai Moller Villa (China) Art Shanghai 2012 (China), New Living Art, Irish Museum of Contemporary Art, Dublin (2010).

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