Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland

Aidan Deery

Artist Intro

Aidan Deery is a Belfast-based composer, sound artist and video artist originally from Slieve Gullion, Co.Armagh. His output has included fixed-medium electroacoustic compositions, installations, and works for solo instrument with electronics, as well as collaborative work with sound and visual artists.

Aidan's educational background reflects a varied interest in music and sound, completing a BA in Popular Music (University of Liverpool, 2007), followed by an MA in Music Technology (Dundalk Institute of Technology, 2009) and a PhD in Music (Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen’s University Belfast, 2014).

Aidan's work has had regular performances at concerts and festivals across Europe and the Americas, and has completed a number of local and international residencies (EMS Stockholm; SpADE: University of Limerick; and Visby International Centre for Composers).

Since 2013, Aidan has collaborated with Matilde Meireles as ‘bunú’, completing a number of projects that explore the soundscape of particular locations around Northern Ireland.

Aidan is fascinated by soundscapes, the practice of listening, and motivated by exploring the communicative potential of the sonic environment. This has resulted in various approaches to soundscape composition, including fixed medium electroacoustic works (stereo and multichannel), integrating solo instruments within interactive compositions, radio work, contributions to community projects and installations.

Aidan will use the DAS Home Residency to complete a series of digital audio-visual compositions/installations that aim to explore the artistic possibilities of ambisonic audio recordings combined with video projections.

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